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I got some great feedback on my last post where I shared how we my husband turned our basement into our very own home movie theater. So on that same theme, I thought I would share another one of my favorite renovation projects.

I work from home 100% of the time. I have for the last three years. When we purchased this home, we knew that I would need my own dedicated space to work. Now, don’t get me wrong. I would’ve been perfectly fine working from my couch every day, but I knew that wouldn’t be productive.

Before we even sent in an offer and actually purchased the house, I had a vision in my head for what I wanted the office to look like. So I’m happy to share some before & after photos of my home office.

The first step was creating a desk. I knew that I wanted the color-scheme of the desk to match the feel of the rest of the house. We found two nightstands on Facebook Marketplace and repurposed them for the ends of the desk. The top of the desk is just a nicely stained plywood. Using the nightstands vs. building our own drawers was a lot quicker.

The second step was getting rid of the green paint. We wanted a color that was calming and would aid to productivity more than the bright green. We used Beher’s Norwegian Sea Blue. We also have this color in our dining room and I LOVE it.

Now that I had a place to work, we needed to figure out a storage solution. The drawers on the desk were great but they didn’t hold everything that we wanted to keep in the office. Things like books, crafts, board games, etc.

After we added cabinets, the wall looked so empty. So my husband made these floating shelves for us to display some of our favorite photos and awards.

Once my husband was finished with all of the grunt work building the desk and cabinets, I got to work decorating. If you’ve been here a while you know, I’m a HUGE golf fan. We have traveled to many different golf tournaments over the years and we collect golf flags. I chose to use the shelves as a way to display the flags. I made a special place in the center to display my two favorite flags. The one on the left is from the first year that Johnathan and I attended The Masters together. The one on the right is from the year that I went pregnant with Logan. And coincidentally, my grandfather’s last year.

This room is now one of my favorite rooms in the house. Most of my time here is spent working. But when I look around the room and see these flags and see pictures from our trips around the room, I’m reminded why I work. So that I can enjoy my life and continue making memories outside of the office.

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