Nursery Reveal

Shoutout to Emberwood Designs for the adorable nursery door/hospital sign!

We are in the home stretch now! We’ve reached the peak of the third trimester and only have a few more doctor appointments left before the big day. I’m trying to balance my feelings of excitement and nervousness. Some days I’m done being pregnant. Other days I don’t want it to end – mainly out of fear for the labor part.

Thankfully we are pretty prepared for when baby does decide to arrive. His hospital bag is packed, clothes are washed, and nursery is finished. I’m sure this room will turn into a disaster once the baby arrives with diapers and blankets everywhere. I wanted to share a few photos of the nursery before the chaos sets in.

We knew we wanted a woodland theme before we even knew we were having a boy. We saw these cute little fox stuffed animals and were sold. These prints and frames were extremely affordable from Amazon. We also wanted a rustic feel so we found a few galvanized elements to add to the decor. The “Jesus Loves Me” print is probably my favorite item in the nursery. My grandmother used to sing this to me when I was little. After she passed, my mom found a journal where my grandmother had written out the lyrics to the song. She had it framed for me to put in the nursery. Even though our little one won’t get to meet his great-grandma, there will always be a piece of her here.

Another precious item to us is this sign that Johnathan’s mom made for us. The wood was salvaged from a wagon that belonged to his late grandfather. The teddy bear was also his – a collector’s item from Germany. We decided on the Garth Brooks lyrics as a nod to our baby’s middle name; I also loved the sentiment behind these lyrics. A challenge to our little boy to not be afraid to be different.

We’ve been so blessed to receive so many wonderful gifts from our family and friends. One of the things we’ve cherished the most has been books. So many kind and thoughtful notes left in each one so as our little one grows and learns to read, he also learns how loved and supported he is. I can’t wait to snuggle him in this chair and read to him as he falls asleep.

I’ve linked all of the items we chose on my page. Or you can scroll the photos below for easy shopping. We can’t wait for baby to arrive!

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