Let’s Par Tee: Logan’s First Birthday Party

First of all, I cannot believe that I already have a one year old. It seems like just yesterday I was writing his birth story. And now he’s out of baby mode and we’ve officially entered the toddler stage! If you’ve been here a while you know how important golf (more specifically, The Masters Tournament) […]

Grateful for Guilt

Please. Stop. Pooping. I have been asking everyone in my house this for six days. At some point at the end of last week, the stomach bug hit our house. It started with my husband. We immediately quarantined both myself and the baby to try and keep both of us healthy. I even sent the […]


Today my son is an entire month old. When I was still pregnant my mom-friends would often tell me to cherish every moment because once they’re here, they grow so fast. Of course they were telling me this when I was nine months pregnant in the middle of a record-setting hot summer and all I […]