I hope you like me.

On January 2nd, I took a pregnancy test. I had actually taken multiple tests that week because something just felt, off. I was fully expecting that test to also be negative. I had one test left in my cabinet that promised to deliver “rapid results” in three minutes or less. In thirty seconds, there was two lines.

My husband was napping on his last day off before the end of the holiday season. I was alone in the bathroom staring at the two lines on the stick. Positive. My mind went absolutely and completely blank. I was frozen. Then about 15 seconds later, I felt every emotion at once. I started crying, then laughing, then had to sit down because my heart was racing with panic.

I quietly left the bathroom with the stick in my hand. I went into the office and started googling, “first thing to do when you get a positive pregnancy test.” The more I read, the more I continued to cycle through every emotion. The more I looked at the test, the more I had this overwhelming feeling to just talk to my unborn child. So I sat down and recorded this video.

Now we’re in the home stretch. My doctor said that because baby is measuring a bit ahead, it really could be any day now. I’ve done a terrible job documenting every stage of this pregnancy. I didn’t take weekly bump photos. I didn’t make updates of what fruit the baby was the size of this week. I did manage to document enough that there’s proof that at some point I was pregnant. I just wanted my son to see what life was like as I transitioned from being “Nikki” to being “mom.”

The song I added to this video was recorded at Garth’s concert in Atlanta at Mercedes Benz. I remember hearing it live for the first time and getting chills all over, thinking about how someday my own child was going to be waiting to meet me. Two years later, that time is here. I am so excited to meet my little boy; I just hope he likes me.

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