Practical Baby Registry Items

I am a true Enneagram Type 3 and Gemini to my core. The day I found out I was pregnant, I downloaded the babylist app and started “planning” for our little one’s arrival. We started researching and making spreadsheets to track the budget and everything. I very quickly realized that I had no idea what I was doing; the more I researched the more questions I had. How many strollers do I need? What in the heck is a Haakaa? Why do I need nipple cream?

I finally slowed down and sought advice from other moms on what I should include. I wanted items that were practical and would make transitioning into motherhood as painless as possible. I began to get a better picture of the things that I would really need to keep baby alive. I also realized that, as cute as baby clothes are, to just leave them off your registry for the most part. You’ll likely get them as gifts anyway.

If you’re like me and feel like you have no idea where to start, feel free to use this as a reference. You may not find anything you’re looking for on this list and that’s okay too! The biggest thing to remember when creating a practical registry is to ask for items that will make your life – in your home, the way you live it – easier.

If you feel like I’ve missed anything major, let me know! I’m still in the first-time-mom learning curve and welcome all suggestions and advice. Well, maybe not all advice…


Okay, so I know that I literally just suggested to leave clothes off your registry. This section includes closet staples as well as clothing-like items including bibs, hats, socks, sleep sacks and swaddles. For a more practical registry I’d skip the cutesy clothes and opt for solids and mix & match-able items. Also look for items that will grow with baby. You’d hate to stock up on only newborn onesies and come home from the hospital with a baby that already doesn’t fit into them.


We did a TON of research into strollers, car seats and baby carriers. Our registry is on Babylist and one of the things we loved the most about it was how many articles there were on every item you’d need. We decided to go with a travel system that would grow with baby. We even got some extra bases that matched our set on FB Marketplace for my husband’s truck and my mom’s car. I highly recommend searching marketplace if you don’t have an issue with gently used items.


These items will vary greatly depending on whether or not you are planning to breastfeed. I knew that I wanted to give it a go, so I’ve included some boob-friendly items. Several moms told us to get a pack of plain cloth diapers to use as burp cloths. Cute cloths are great and all, but the amount of times you’ll be washing them and getting spit up on them you might as well just get something plain that can be tossed if totally ruined. Another huge tip someone gave us was getting your breast pump through your insurance company. We used Aeroflow Breastpumps to see if we qualified and make our pump selection.

Diapering + Bath Time

This was one area where we relied heavily on our research. Admittedly, neither my husband nor I have ever changed a diaper. So we knew we would need some help here. We went back and forth on the diaper genie but decided to add one for the convenience factor. Several moms said having a changing pad that was easy to wipe off was a game changer. As far as bath time goes, we registered for a baby bath that had the best reviews on Amazon. We’re also open to using the Moms On Call bath time method.


I’m planning on doing a big nursery-related post later once we finish decorating and getting all of our items in order. But for now, I’ll link the crib and mattress we registered for. We read countless articles on crib safety and best bang-for-your-buck mattresses. We ultimately decided on a grow-with-me style crib that will last several years. We also opted for the Snuggle Me over the Dockatot simply because of price. We heard so many great things about both and decided to save a few bucks by going with the Snuggle Me. I’ll link mu full nursery post here when it’s complete.

I’m also working on compiling a list of my must-have maternity items too. Things that made adjusting to a continual growing bump much easier. I’d love to hear what your maternity and registry must-have items were! You can check out our entire registry here on Babylist!

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